Yellowstone's Finest Luxury Waterfront Log Cabin

What to do, what to do? We have a few ideas for you...

Outside of Yellowstone National Park, there is actually quite a bit of fun to be had close by. Here are our tried and true recommendations.

In West Yellowstone, just 15 minutes away, a great day of activities would be:

  • The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, just outside the entrance of the Park that both kids and adults will love, where you can not only stare eye to eye with wolves (truly amazing!) but also the kids can sign up to hide food in the bear enclosure before they let them out to feed them. There are also birds of prey and other creatures on display there. It is a truly amazing place and I highly recommend it. It is an educational center and sanctuary for the animals, not a zoo or a "for profit" private entertainment. They do great work there.

  • Yellowstone Giant Screen Theater shares the same parking lot with the Discovery Center. During the day, it plays Yellowstone IMAX nature movies and at night it plays regular popular movies. It also features probably the best local souvenir gift shop in it's lobby!

  • Yellowstone Park Aerial Adventures is a zip lining park just down the street from The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center and IMAX so those three activities can be combined into a single day. It's pretty tame and they serve all ages of kids (and grown ups).

Just a half hour drive from our lodge are three outstanding day trip ideas. 

Further afield but worth the drive:

  • Virginia City which is an intact gold mining town with a little railroad you and the kids can ride to the very close Nevada City, also an historic gold mining town where the kids can pan for gold. About 90 minutes drive from the Lodge and can be combined with Quake Lake.

  • The Museum of the Rockies is always a huge hit with it's amazing dinosaur bone collection and kids programs. Bozeman is about a 90 minute drive.

And drive a bit further and you will get to enjoy:

But (we think) the best way to spend the day is relaxing at home, having a waterfront BBQ with friends and family, losing ourselves to the swaying of the hammocks, and spending an evening roasting marshmallows and counting stars.