Yellowstone's Finest Luxury Waterfront Log Cabin

Your guide to enjoying the Life of Riley...Lodge

We would like to share these important tips and rules to help you have the best, most stress-free trip we can offer. Here goes it!

  • LRL employs a septic system like most other homes in the region. Unlike being on "city sewer" as your home most likely is, we have our own enclosed system. Septic systems can be understood if you think of them like a stomach. They use enzymes to "digest" waste that enter the system. And just like your own stomach, certain things give it indigestion. Not only is a septic system unable to digest anything other than septic-safe paper products, but it cannot digest food. So we leave out helpful reminders in the kitchen and baths to help you remember to not flush or dispose of any other products. Ignoring this simple rule can result in a disgusting and expensive septic failure guaranteed to ruin your vacation.

  • Keeping pests out of our home is a top priority for us. After all, we live here all winter! We continually spray for insects and seal every knook and cranny to keep the little buggers out. But to really be successful, we need our guests to do their part. How? For one, keeping the window screens in place at all times is imperative. Secondly, we use ultrasonic devices all over the lodge to deter rodents. They are highly effective...when plugged in. Please, we're begging you, leave them on and make sure that the red, yellow, and green lights are all lit. Thirdly, don't tempt pests by leaving food out on the counters, dirty dishes in the sink, or food particles on the floors and counters. You are literally baiting the wildlife.  Finally, bats are a local resident in our region and they like to sneak over the door frames when you open and close the exterior doors. Don't leave the door open for more than a moment when coming and going or you will find yourself up at night trying to get a scared bat back outside with a racket. It's happened to us. True story.

  • LRL is situated on a lake in a caldera valley, a recipe for occasional wind. The wind tends to pick up as the sun is setting due to something called Thermodynamics. During windy times, it's not only illegal, but also irresponsible to light fires in the outdoor fireplaces. It's also illegal to light fires outside of our fireplaces, use any wood other than locally sourced, or light off fireworks. 

  • Speaking of firewood, we provide plenty for you to use down at the waterfront. You will need to supply your own kindling and fire starters, available at all the local markets. Just don't use the wood stored on the racks in the Great Room. These are for decorative purposes only.

  • ​Speaking of wind, pay attention to wind conditions before heading out on the lake in a watercraft. High winds on the lake make it more like an ocean. Unaware boaters can get pushed out beyond their physical ability to return to their destination. It's best to stay close to shore if you are navigating a non-motorized vessel. 

  • We will give you a door code prior to your trip. This operates the lower entry. Just like hotels, this door will automatically lock behind you. We give you instructions on how to change the code to something easy for your group to remember. It's easy and worth it. Please don't leave our other door unlocked when you leave. It's super uncool and you will be 100% liable for anything anyone does in your absence. 

  • We will put this bluntly so there's no misunderstandings: We only rent to friends, and our friends don't disrespect our wishes. If you break our rules, we will kick you out on the spot, keep your rent, and charge you $850 in addition to any costs of damages. So don't sneak pets or more than 13 people, smoke inside, disturb our security system, break into our locked storage, disturb our neighbors, use the RV spot without our permission, have an event like a party or wedding, use the Great Room fireplace, or discharge firearms or fireworks. 

  • Log cabins rarely have ducting, and ours is no exception. Smokey high heat cooking WILL set off the sensitive fire alarms. It's a real pain. Use the gas burner at the waterfront BBQ for these sorts of recipes.

  • We have added air conditioning to the lodge for maximum comfort. The best way to use them is to close the doors between floors (master bedroom and lower stairwell) to prevent all the cold air sinking to the already cool lower level and turn on the ceiling fans to circulate the air.

  • Please conserve water. We have a private well. In dry years with less than optimal snowfall, our well will become depleted. Please be mindful of your water consumption.

  • ​ We are located at almost 7000 feet elevation. Alpine climates can be quite dry and some people find this bothersome. We leave humidifiers in the Gear Room for your comfort. We also stock personal oxygen canisters in the Essentials Mini Bar for those experiencing headaches due to the change in altitude. If you get to the area and find you cannot shake a throbbing headache or find it a little harder to get a full breath, give the oxygen canisters and some Tylenol a shot. 

  • ​We stay awake at night trying to think of ways to keep you safe and comfortable. We had the baseboard heater in the Bunk Room disconnected to prevent fires and keep your kiddos safe. If it gets a little chilly, we left space heaters in the Gear Room. 

  • Have a toddler? We stock a couple of baby gates to help you contain them so you can relax. We have tested out all the spots