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Worried you'll get into a scrape? Here's just what the doctor ordered...

While you are within the park, there are clinics situated at several points:

While you are at the lodge-

You can go to the local regional clinics....
Island Park has a small clinic open a few days per week: and also a clinic in West Yellowstone: but only open part of the week.

Or you can go to the nearest hospitals... in Rexberg, Idaho (about 45 min away) in Ennis, Montana (about 60 min away) in Big Sky, Montana (about 45-50 min away)

If you anticipate that perhaps one may have a major medical event, we would highly recommend medi-vac insurance/travel insurance. Since any large medical clinic is at a distance, if you need emergency assistance, the local volunteer emergency responders are forced to use a medical helicopter service to get you to a hospital quickly. This can be pretty spendy. Our lovely neighbors turned us on to getting insured for this, which is not expensive and covers a remarkable amount of things, including the expense of getting all your travel partners home along with your vehicles among other expenses. We carry this insurance continuously for these reasons. Here is a link: